Enter the Eagles (1998)

Director - Corey Yuen
DVD Released by : Universe
Player reviewed with : Malata DVD-N996
Receiver reviewed with : Sony 925


Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound
Interactive Menus
Scene Access
Filmogrophies and Bios
English and Chinese Subtitles
Cantonese and Mandarin Soundtracks
Running Time - 91 mins.

ENTER THE EAGLES features Shannon Lee, Michael Wong, Jordan Chan, and Anita Yuen in an action movie reminiscent of many girl with guns movies. Michael Wong is a jewel thief and Shannon Lee is his muscle. The two are forced to team up with two common pick-pockets (Jordan Chan and Anita Yuen) to pull off a score and deliver a gem to the only man in Europe you can fence something so valuable (Benny Urquidez).

ENTER THE EAGLES is a fun action movie that isn't perfect but is definitely worth a watch. Shannon Lee holds her own and gives a good performance. It's refreshing to see her play a role that would be a typical of a male. Jordan Chan and Anita Yuen are great in their roles as the two pickpockets. They really give this film heart that it wouldn't have without them.

Sometimes the movie is a little over-ambitious with the special effects but no more so than many other Hong Kong films. If you feel like watching an action movie that isn't too deep and keeps a quick pace, ENTER THE EAGLES should do.

The picture quality of this DVD varies. The print that is used is in relatively good shape, free of specks and splice marks but the transfer could be much better. In some scenes, ghosting is very noticeable and there are some occasional artifacts. To be fair, the movie is very watchable and the flaws only happen occasionally. I found the overall quality fair on the 47 inch TV but it will look better on a 27 inch set.

The sound is 5.1 surround. The rear speakers are used occasionally for music and sound effects. The mixing is okay but sometimes Michael Wong's voice seems like it was recorded too hot and it distorts. Other than that, the sound is about average for an import DVD. Some of the scenes of the movie are spoken in English but it doesn't sound forced. It does lack the emotion of the scenes in Cantonese but it isn't too jarring.

The subtitles are easy to read and contain very few spelling and grammatical errors. Oddly enough, the most spelling errors occur when the characters are speaking English. The subtitles disappeared a little too quickly a couple of times but this was when the characters were talking quickly.

Extras consist of a trailer as well as trailers for A HERO NEVER DIES, EXTREME CRISIS, and YOUNG AND DANGEROUS : THE PREQUEL. There are also the standard cast and crew bios.

ENTER THE EAGLES is a decent action movie that is at least worth a rental. It great to see Shannon Lee (Bruce Lee's Daughter) in her debut. It's also good to see Benny Urquidez in a movie again. The DVD has a few flaws but it's still watchable. ENTER THE EAGLES is a good movie but it's just an "OK" DVD.