Fearless Hyena (1979)
Fearless Hyena II (1983)
Director - Jackie Chan (Fearless Hyena)
Director - Chuen Chan (Fearless Hyena II)
DVD Released by : Simitar
Player reviewed with : Sony S3000
Receiver reviewed with : Sony 925
Interactive menus
Scene access
Audio : AC-3 stereo
Interview : Jackie tells how he does his amazing stunts!
Movie factoids
Not enhanced for 16 x 9 TVs
Two movies for the price of one! FEARLESS HYENA I and II! It sounds great but read on before you pick this one up. Both are very entertaining Jackie Chan films. I liked Fearless Hyena a little better than the second, though. Fearless Hyena features non-stop action with great fight scenes. The sequel really isn't a sequel and has a lot less Jackie Chan in it than the original.

The picture most of the time is pretty good even though it is panned and scanned. There's not much panning and scanning but I am fairly sure it's not full frame. The problem is when it's not good it looks like a big glitch. It looks like somebody turned the vacuum on while you were watching TV. This would normally bother the hell out of me but being that the price on these is so low, it's hard to complain. When you pick these movies up you know going in that the source material is less than perfect. Both movies featured this. It may have been twice in Fearless Hyena and once in Fearless Hyena II. This wouldn't be the demo disc when you have friends over.

The sound in Fearless Hyena is mostly like the other Simitar releases. That means that it is just about acceptable. Fearless Hyena II has a noticeable hiss running through the sound track but it is most noticeable in the beginning.

There were no subtitles although there was an option for a Cantonese soundtrack. The same Jackie Chain interview I believe is also on other Simitar releases. The menus and "extras" are very plain. The filmographies are brief and I am sure anybody who gets this movie already knows who Jackie Chan is.

So why get this DVD? If you have the VHS versions, this DVD is not worth getting. This quality is acceptable or at least forgivable on tape but a DVD needs a little more. I think Simitar knows this and that is why the low price of the DVD. It's always easy to say how the DVD should have been but who knows what the source material was like?