Happy Together (1997)
Director - Wong Kar Wai
DVD Released by : Mei Ah
Player reviewed with : Sony S3000
Receiver reviewed with : Sony 925
Not enhanced for 16 x 9 TVs
Running Time : 98 mins.

HAPPY TOGETHER is the story of a couple, Fai and Wing. Wanting to start over again, they move to Argentina. While there, they have a falling out while getting lost on the way to Iguazu Falls. After Wing is badly beaten, Fai takes him back and the cycle continues. The two can't live with each other, or without each other.

Wong Kar Wai does it again with another visually stunning movie. The performances of Tony Leung and Leslie Cheung are also excellent. HAPPY TOGETHER is a must see if you are a Wong Kar Wai fan.

The picture quality is just about average. It's hard to tell from the film print if some of the grain is intentional or not as different film stocks are used for different effects. Some of the story is in black and white and some is in over saturated color. Some of the movie looked just a little bright because the blacks were more of a dark gray than a true black. I didn't notice any artifacts in the picture and overall the transfer itself is okay. The print that is used has a few specks and looks a little worn but overall, the DVD is definitely watchable.

The sound is odd. This doesn't appear to be a 5.1 remix but the sound does come from all 5 speakers. The overall mix isn't bad but there are times when the soundtrack itself could be a little cleaner sounding. As always, the music plays a big part in the film. The song "Happy Together" plays as the credits role so that will be the song that will stick with you a while.

Luckily, Wong Kar Wai's movies do not rely heavily on words. The subtitles are burned in the film print and are in white. They are also impossible to read at times. This is a little disappointing and can be distracting. There are also some things that are said that are not subtitled.

There are no extras, menu or trailers on this DVD.

Fans of Wong Kar Wai will at least want to rent this. I enjoyed the movie. I really like the camera work and what is done with the film itself. The DVD is lacking in features but the movie is good. The quality is just about average. It's no as bad as the ASHES OF TIME DVD, but definitely not near the quality of IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE DVD.

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