SuperCop 2 (1993)
Director - Stanley Tong
DVD Released by : Dimension
Player reviewed with : Sony S3000
Receiver reviewed with : Sony 925

Extra Features:

  • Interactive Menus
  • Scene Access
  • Digitally Mastered
SuperCop 2 has been released previously as PROJECT S. The import DVD for PROJECT S doesn't have English subtitles and that is why I was eager to get this DVD. I detest not having an original soundtrack as an option but I figured SUPERCOP was very watchable when that was released by Dimension so how bad could this be?

The movie is fun to watch. Michelle Yeoh is a cop from Mainland China who is sent to Hong Kong to help bust up a smuggling ring. Jackie Chan is listed on the cover of the DVD case as if he has a major role but he does not. He is in it for maybe 3 minutes and he is in drag. I think this is misleading for new fans who are assuming this will be another Jackie Chan movie.

The picture quality is pretty good. There weren't any signs of artifacts or scratches on the print. If everything else on this DVD was as good as the picture, than this DVD would be great.

The sound is a major problem. This is a new soundtrack dubbed in English. It doesn't look like any attempt was made to lip sync this movie. It's a shame. At least SUPERCOP was dubbed pretty well. BLACK MASK from ARTISAN was dubbed almost perfect. This is going to kill the movie's potential. Fans of Hong Kong movies prefer the original soundtrack. This will keep people from buying it. American audiences start laughing and expect a cheesy movie the second the lips go out of sync. When I saw RUMBLE IN THE BRONX in the theater, people were laughing at the dubbing in the beginning. This cheapens the movie. I can see why this wasn't released in the theaters. This is meant for the rental market.

I enjoyed this movie a lot but not the presentation. It is wrong to mention Jackie Chan on the cover. This is reminiscent of all those movies that came out like HONG KONG FACE OFF that said Jackie Chan starred in them when he was in them for a second if he was in them at all. They should have faith in Michelle Yeoh. She can more than a carry a movie. If they want her in an English speaking film, they should let her make one.

I understand why an American movie company would never release a sub-titled foreign language film in theaters and that is why these movies are dubbed. Most Americans wouldn't go see it. This shouldn't stop them from including the original soundtrack on the DVD. This movie wasn't released in theaters so there is little excuse. Dimension DVD's are the highest priced with the least amount of features.

Hong Kong movie fans might not want to buy this but it's worth a rental. Personally, I enjoyed the movie. I just wish they had the original soundtrack.