Tokyo Raiders (1999)
Director - Jingle Ma
DVD Released by : Universe
Player reviewed with : Sony S3000
Receiver reviewed with : Sony 925


Cantonese and Mandarin Soundtracks
5.1 Dolby Digital Surround
Star's Files
Making Of Feature
Chinese and English Subtitles
Trailers for 2000 A.D., The Blood
Rules, and Dial D for Demons
Not enhanced for 16 x 9 TVs

Running Time : 101 mins.

TOKYO RAIDERS is a pleasant surprise. It's a very entertaining movie and a really great DVD. Tony Leung is a James Bond-type of spy who who is great at Kung Fu and has several tricks of his sleeve. Ekin Cheng is a body guard who is protecting a client's daughter (Kelly Chen) as she looks for her fiancé who misses her wedding. The movie is fast paced and features a lot of start and stop editing and effects. If you are not a Tony Leung fan already, you will be after this.

The picture is very good. There are some great scenes of Tokyo at night that look amazing on this DVD. There is not one trace of graininess or pixelation during these scenes. The daylight scenes were also very good. This didn't have any of those overexposed scenes that practically every release from Media Asia and Universe have at one time or another.

I watched the movie in Cantonese. The sound quality overall was very good. It gave the speakers a workout. There is a lot of music in the movie and it really kicks in during the fights. The mixing was done very well. This is one of the few DVD's that really utilizes the surround sound.

The subtitles were easy to read and translated well. I was happy to see that the Making Of feature was also. The Star's Files section was also translated very well and readable.

TOKYO RAIDERS is definitely a DVD to watch. It is definitely how all other DVD's should be. I wish THE MISSION looked this good. The Making Of featurette was fun to watch even though it could have been longer. It was very interesting and interviewed all of the main actors. This may be one of the best quality DVD's I've seen yet from UNIVERSE. I would recommend this for any Tony Leung and Ekin Cheng fans.