All videos are 320x240 and MPEG format. All movie clips and music are copyrighted by their original owners. These videos are made with a great respect for both the filmmakers and bands that are shown here. If there are any problems with copyrights please notify me and I will take these down immediately.

"Suburban Monsters" by U.S. CHAOS, provided by Marty Munsch and PUNKROCKRECORDS . 18,55kb, MPEG.

Girls With Guns

Girls...Guns...Kung Fu. "Panties" by U.S. CHAOS, provided by Marty Munsch and PUNKROCKRECORDS. 20,917 kb, MPEG.

HKFLIX Commercial

Now Available!

For just $4 PPD (US) the songs "Suburban Monsters" and "Panties" are available on CD along with a rare clip of U.S. CHAOS performing "Guns By My Side". Please send e-mail for ordering information as well as postage amount for foreign orders.